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Washington Stage Curtain Conservation Video

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Former WHS President Susan Fairchild tells the story of the July 2021 effort to conserve the historic O. L. Story stage curtain in the upper hall of the Washington Meetinghouse.

In July of 2021, Curtains Without Borders, an organization responsible for documenting and conserving over 500 historic stage curtains throughout Northern New England, undertook the conservation of the historic O. L. Story stage curtain that has hung in the upper hall of the Washington, NH, Meetinghouse since 1906.

Join former WHS President and video host Susan Fairchild and learn more about the history of Washington's special stage curtain and the steps involved as Chris Hadsel, Executive Director of Curtains Without Borders, leads a team of local volunteers through the cleaning and conservation process.

Watch or Learn More

Click here to watch the video.

Or, click here to watch Chris Hadsel's presentation from the WHS September 13, 2021 meeting on the history of stage curtains and to learn much more about the many stage curtains that Curtains Without Borders has documented and conserved since 1996.

You can also learn more about Curtains Without Borders by visiting their website.

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