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Our History Is In the Barn!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

John Porter, author and expert on historic barns, "reads" the Washington Historical Society's barn, noting its special features and the restoration it has undergone.

Subject of an award-winning restoration in the early 2000’s, our 19th century barn features historic farm machinery and implements, blacksmith’s shop, maple sugaring exhibit, old-fashioned kitchen display, and original horse drawn hearse.

Join author and specialist on historic barns John Porter as he takes us through a 9 minute video tour of our barn, commenting on its special features, interesting contents, and lovingly detailed restoration.

We also invite you to visit the barn and our other two buildings in person! Click here for details.


This video is dedicated to Philip Barker, James Gaskell and Richard Crane (in memoriam)

who have been the driving forces to restore and preserve the barn.

Video Production

This video was created by Susan Fairchild and Jeff Buxbaum

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Click here to read an article about the barn's restoration featured in the WHS Fall 2004 newsletter.


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