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Main Museum


Our main Museum building has displays and exhibits (that usually change each year) featuring some phase of life in Washington’s past. There is an old (circa 1835) Chickering square grand piano which guests are welcome to play, a (circa 1801) "barn" loom that works, albums containing our cemetery records with pictures of the stones, and genealogical information in our histories and vital records collection.



Our Barn is full of fascinating relics of Washington, including summer and winter hearses, a sugar house with very old, and not quite so old, maple sugaring equipment, a kitchen set up with many items from the late 18th and early 20th centuries, stable equipment, bedroom washstand bowls and jugs, and much, much more.

One Room Schoolhouse


Our District #5 one room schoolhouse in East Washington is very much as the students and teacher left it in 1938 (with the addition of a few older and newer styles of student desks). The old maps are still on the wall, the blackboards still in place, and lots of the early 1900 books remain.

Collection Photos

Postcard of Washington Common circa 1960
Iron Cooking Pans from Barn Muesem
Postcard of Main Street Washington
Museum Barn Uni Sled
Postcard of Washington Meetinghouse and Civil War Monument
Baby Carriage Sled from Museum Barn
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