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NH Chronicle Video Segments Featuring Washington, NH

Many interesting stories about Washington, New Hampshire have been featured over the years on local ABC affiliate WMUR-9's nightly magazine show, New Hampshire Chronicle. Many of these segments are presented personally by longtime NH Chronicle host, writer, and filmmaker Fritz Wetherbee. You can access them from here.

Photo of Washington Historical Society documentary film for Boy Shot on Mill Hill.
Fritz Wetherbee filming a segment about the Shedd Free Library for WMUR-9’s New Hampshire Chronicle

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Presidential New Hampshire Towns Stories of the naming of a number of New Hampshire towns, including Washington, after early Presidents of the United States. Fritz Wetherbee presents these interesting stories using Washington's beautiful and historic town common as his backdrop. May 2024. Run time 2 minutes 42 seconds.

A Tale of Two Freezings The chilling stories of Nancy Barton of Crawford Notch, NH, and Daniel Millen of Washington, NH are shared. Fritz Wetherbee relates these cautionary tales while seated inside Washington's amazing Shedd Free Library, and talks glowingly of Ron and Grace Jager's fabulous history of Washington, NH, Portrait of a Hill Town, as the source for Daniel Millen's story. May 2024. Run time 2 minutes 38 seconds.

Tubbs Union Academy This private institution for higher learning was founded in Washington by Russell Tubbs in 1849. While Tubbs only remained with the school for four years, the institution lasted for 90 years. Fritz Wetherbee delivers the whole interesting story, framed against Washington's beautiful town common! May 2024. Run time 3 minutes 9 seconds.

Sarah Shedd Library Washington, NH is home to one of the most picturesque library's in the state of New Hampshire. It's named for a woman who was a Washington native and one of the original mill girls of Lowell, MA. Fritz Wetherbee tells you Sarah's story and the amazing gift that she left to her home town. Aired May 7, 2024. Run time 2 minutes 38 seconds.

The Communist Women of New Hampshire Two women, Elba Chase, of Washington, and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, of Concord, NH, both played notable roles in New Hampshire's communist party from the 1930s into the 1960s. Fritz Wetherbee introduces you to both of these women and shares their stories. September 2023. Run time 2 minutes 41 seconds.

The Mystery of the Boy Shot on Mill Hill For over a century, someone lay buried in an unmarked grave in East Washington's historic cemetery. This feature segment follows Washington Historical Society's Bill Mulcahy as he searches for the boy's identity and uncovers his powerfully moving story. Former Washington Cemetery Trustee Kitty West is also featured. This segment won first place for best Feature Story at the 2021 New Hampshire Area Broadcasters Granite Mike Awards and was also nominated for a 2021 New England Emmy Award. September 2020. 8 minutes and 2 seconds.

Pillsbury State Park Pillsbury State Park is a lesser known gem of the New Hampshire State Park System Heavily wooded and sprinkled with several ponds and wetlands, its diversity of habitats makes it a home to a great variety of wildlife, including moose, and loons. Fritz Wetherbee introduces you to Albert E. Pillsbury and explains how the landed that he gifted to the people of New Hampshire became the beautiful state park it is today. September 2014. Run time 3 minutes 15 seconds.

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