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Four Historic Washington Cemeteries


In Washington, NH there are four important cemeteries and a few other historic burial sites that are privately owned. 


Fortunately, cemetery records for the four more established cemeteries have survived. These have been compiled into a database available through our Cemetery Search page. 

Other Archives and Cemetery Records


As an additional resource, at our Museum we are fortunate to have a series of binders for each cemetery that contain lists of those interred (currently through 2005), photos of gravestones that exist, and interesting genealogical notes.

Binders are available to onsite researchers. Contact us to learn more.

Cemetery Overview

To search records for all four locations, use Cemetery Search which allows you to search and sort content by applying different filters.

Old Center Cemetery

The first public cemetery in Washington was established in 1788 and is today known as the Old Center Cemetery. Prior to that, people were usually buried on their own land. While the location of some private family cemeteries is known, the identities of those who lay at rest in them is largely unknown. 

New Center Cemetery

When the Old Center Cemetery reached capacity in the 1860’s, additional land was acquired on the opposite side of the road and the New Center Cemetery was established in 1870. With further additions of land, it is still in use today.   


East Washington Cemetery

The exact origin date of the East Washington cemetery isn’t known, but it is believed to coincide with the establishment of the East Washington Baptist Church in 1800. This cemetery has also expanded over time, and continues to be used today.

7th Day Adventist Cemetery

Washington, New Hampshire, is home to the first (in the world) 7th Day Adventist Church. A burial ground was established there for members of the faith and remains in use today.

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