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Folks Like You Contribute to the WNHHS Archives

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Every year people discover historic treasures that become a part of the WNHHS historical archive.

Barn Museum, Sleigh Baby Carriage – Photo by Susan Fairchild

We have been blessed over the years with the contribution of many items that are important to the history of Washington, NH. These have included items as large as the building and property that are now our Barn museum and as small as a scrap of wood lath with initials and date placed inside a wall at the Center School in the summer of 1959 by two local workmen.

It's not the monetary value that matters.

In considering an item for acceptance, the most important criteria is determining its historical significance as it relates to telling the story of our town and its people. Local family histories in the form of diaries, letters, photographs and journals are good examples and are a very important part of our Collections. Handmade items linked to early settlers such as quilts, clothing, drawings and other things also help illustrate past life in Washington.

Over the years many types of artifacts have been donated, collected, catalogued, preserved and lovingly displayed in our 3 museums.

Have an item but unsure if it is right for us?

Understanding the historical significance of an item is not always easy. Something that you think might not be worth saving could turn out to be very important to us. It is definitely worthwhile reaching out to us to let us know what you have. Our Archivist will be happy to evaluate your item!

While space limitations prevent us from being able to accept every item offered for donation, if it helps us in carrying out our mission to collect, preserve, and display the history of Washington, NH, we will gladly add your gift to our collections.

The best way to have an item evaluated is to contact us by email. Tell us what you know about the item, how it came to you, and attach some photos if possible. Our Archivist will reply.

Read More About Past Donated Items

Barn property donation: See "Breaking News" in our Fall 2003 newsletter

Family history donation: See "A Peak Into the Past" in our Spring 2004 newsletter

Wood lath with initials and date: See "Old Center Schoolhouse" in our Spring 2021 newsletter

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