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2021 Spring

WHS Newsletter

Topics in this issue:

President's Message by Bill Mulcahy; Washington Historical Society Officers; Alice May Hurd Maple Tree Struck by Lightening by Gwen Gaskell; Photo of Maple Tree by Bill Mulcahy: Interesting Tidbit from History (Library Book Covers) by Gwen Gaskell; A Mystery at the Farmers Market? (Donate to WHS) byGwen Gaskell; Special Announcement – New Merchandise for Sale (Totebags); The 1941 Fire – Marlow-Stoddard Forest Fire by Gwen Gaskell; Excerpts from the Clara May Hurd Diaries by Gwen Gaskell; Programs for the Washington Historical Society 2021 by Steve Yusko; The Old Center Schoolhouse Inscribed wedge by Bill Mulcahy; A Board of Directors Thanks to Bill Mulcahy and Phil Budne by Gwen Gaskell; Items for Sale; Membership Form

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