Washington Historical Society


Please order by mail, or call:
Elaine Crandall (603) 495-3416, ecrandall@verizon.net
Gwen Gaskell (603) 495-3231, jimgwen@gsinet.net

Afghan. Featuring scenes of Washington woven into a beautiful memento of our Town. It is available in green or blue on an off white background. $45.00
Puzzle. Our 494-piece, 14" x 19" puzzle is an aerial photograph of the town center by Bill St. Pierre. A limited edition collectible. $5.00
Ceramic Trivet. Color photo, taken by Sue Hofstetter of the three buildings on the town common, with flags added magically from another photo by her son, John. It measures 6" x 6" with a leather backing. In can be used for hot or cold items and is also suitable to hang on the wall, it is that beautiful. Gift boxed. $15.00
Postcards and Notecards of Gustine Hurd Images. Two postcards have been generated, using copies of very old photographs taken in the early 1880s by Gustine Hurd. Also available as single fold notecards packaged in sets of four, including envelopes. Two of each or all four of the same image. Both the postcards and the folded notecards are 5 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches. $0.50 each or $5.00 per set
Glass Medallion. The design is adapted from an early 1880s wet plate photograph of the Town Hall made by Gustine L. Hurd. These 3 inch diameter medallions are available in blue or green and look beautiful hanging in a window. $5.00
Booklet History of Camp Morgan. A Compilation of information from multiple sources brought together in one place outlining the history of Camp Morgan from it's earliest days to the present. $25.00
DVD Meetinghouse: The Heart of Washington, New Hampshire Few structures say “New England” as eloquently as does a classic eighteenth century Meetinghouse. The small hill town of Washington, New Hampshire, claims such a Meetinghouse. Erected on the 4th of July, 1787, it is still the heart of the town. In this film the town opens its heart to the world. It displays 225 years of affectionate, sometimes contentious, interplay between generations of Washington citizens and the Meetinghouse on the Town Common. $20 per DVD
All items can be shipped for an additional charge. Call or email Elaine Crandall or Gwen Gaskell at the contact info above to ascertain the amount required. It will be in the range of $4 to $10 per package, depending on what you order and your zip code.