Washington Historical Society
Programs for Year 2002

The Society conducts regular meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month from April through November. Each meeting is held at Camp Morgan Lodge, starting with a ``Pot Luck'' Supper at 6:00 PM, After a brief business discussions, guest speaker programs begin by 7:30PM. All of our activities are free and open to the public. We enthusiastically invite everyone to attend.

Regularly scheduled Society programs appear in regular type. Other events appear in Italic type.
April 8 Steve Taylor, New Hampshire Commissioner of Agriculture will present ``Sheep and Stone Walls.'' His program will discuss the greatest period of agricultural prosperity in New Hampshire history. He will tell us how agriculture has changed over the years.
May 13 Dr. Allen Koop, Professor of History at Dartmouth College, will present ``The White Mountain Huts.'' He will describe the unique Appalachian Mountain Club's Hut System, its history and future. This program shows how the huts and their people have formed a world apart, a unique mountain society with its own history, traditions and legends.
June 10 Charles Hunt; will discuss ``Homing Pigeons.'' He will talk about how the homing pigeon has served humans as messengers especially during both world wars. The program will tell us about the management and training as well as the racing of homing pigeons here in NH. He will bring some pigeons to the program.
July 6 Snowrider's Flea Market on Town Common, 9-2 Donations to the Society's table are welcome. Contact any Board Member
July 8 Audrey Rhoades will present ``Alpacas and Wool Arts.'' The program will provide interesting facts about the raising of the livestock. She will discuss how the wool is processed into fiber and the various products that are made from the homegrown fibers.
Aug. 10 Tour Don Dunlap's workshop. Don reproduces 1700 and 1800 style furniture at his Marlow home. He has been involved in this for the last 40 years. Tour begins at 2:00 pm. at 269 Marlow Hill Rd., Marlow.
Aug. 12 Steve Wood, member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters, will present ``A visit with President Lincoln.'' His program will be given in the personage of Abraham Lincoln. He will give a background of his life with emphasis on his presidential years.
Sept. 9 Bryan Yeaton, Education Outreach Coordinator for the Mount Washington Observatory, will discuss weather as well as numerous scientific research projects that are ongoing. He will also show slides of White Mountain geology, alpine flora and relate the fascinating history of the observatory.
Oct. 12-13 19th Annual Wool Arts Tour, The Historical Society will be be running its annual Sidewalk Cafe' at the Rhoades' farm, 232 Lempster Mountain Road.
Oct. 14 Richard Crane, local Maple syrup guru, will present ``The making of maple syrup.'' His presentation will take us through the process involved in the making of maple syrup. His presentation will include numerous humorous stories, which came about during his years of syruping.
Nov. 11 Phil Barker will act as master of ceremonies for ``Mystery Meeting.'' Everyone is asked to bring any treasured item, along with its special story.

Meeting Times:

Meetings at Camp Morgan Lodge, Millen Pond Rd.

6:00-7:00 PM Pot Luck Supper
7:00-7:30 PM Business Meeting
7:30-8:30 PM Program