WHS Programs for Year 2000

Apr. 10 Mike Morrison, Manager of Pillsbury State Park will present ``History of Pillsbury State Park'' from it's establishment to the present. He will do this from the perspective of the previous managers as well as his own.
May 8 Stephen Crain, a direct descendant of the earliest families to settle in Washington, will present ``The History of Washington.'' His research of family has evolved and expanded into a study of the rich and intriguing history of Washington. He will show how the town and his family have been linked through the four or five generations of the Crane/Crain's that lived in Washington.
June 12 Joan Phipps will discuss ``Home Health Care in Colonial New England.'' She will talk about medicinal uses for local herbs and flowers with emphasis on their use as remedies for many ailments throughout the early years.
July 1 Snow Rider's Flea Market on Town Common, 9-2 Donations to the Society's table are welcome. Contact any Board Member to arrange for donations.
July 10 Ronald Jager, the historian, will present ``All About Sara Shedd of Washington.'' The program is based on an extensive research effort, which endeavored to recapture as much of her life as possible. The talk will include material from the history of her life and reading of her poetry.
Aug. 14
New Hampshire Humanties Council Speaker
Jere Daniell, Professor of History at Dartmouth College, will present ``Village and Town in New England.'' People generally do not realize the difference between the two. Patterns are not the same everywhere in the six-state region. Professor Daniell will summarize what he has learned about the relationship between village and town in nearly two decades of studying rural New England.
Sep. 11
New Hampshire Humanties Council Speaker
David Proper will present ``A Joyful Noise.'' This program examines New England town bands as democratic icons, cornerstones of patriotic expression, sources of civil pride, and symbols of social and cultural achievement in the 19th century. Accompanied by slides and taped music, the program recognizes the role played by host communities in the NE band heritage.
Oct. 9
New Hampshire Humanties Council Speaker
Professor David Switzer of Plymouth State College will present ``Archaeology Under NH Waters.'' This slide presentation will focus on work carried out at four shipwreck sites in both fresh and salt waters in NH. The chronological time span stretches from the 17th century to 1915.
Nov. 14 Mystery Meeting.

Meeting Times: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Pot Luck Supper
7:30 - 8:00 p.m. Business meeting
8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Program

Meetings at Camp Morgan Lodge, Millen Pond Rd.

Museum demonstration days (2-4pm):

July 29
Farm Tools
August 5
August 12

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