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Spring 1999 Newsletter Articles


I look forward with great interest and anticipation to my first full year as President of the Washington Historical Society. Our Officers and Board of Directors have met several times over the winter months, working on and planning our 1999 programs and activities.

The strength of our Society has always been our members and friends. I appeal to both groups this year to participate in and support our activities. Volunteers are always needed for out functions. Please let us know if you can help.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who continue your financial support of our Society. Thank you all for your generosity.

Al Krygeris

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1998 was a very satisfying year for the Washington Historical Society Museum. More people are using the cemetery records for their genealogical research. Members and friends are dropping by to check information about their family histories.

This summer, during August 6-8, 1999, the Town will be celebrating ``Old Home Days''. To commemorate this major event, the Museum Committee has chosen ``Past Town Celebrations'' as its central theme for this season. We will be gathering pictures artifacts and mementos of past Town celebrations to display. If any of our readers have items that will fit in with this theme, would you please lend them to the Museum for the exhibit?

Please not a change in visiting hours at the Museum in 1999. Our season will run from July 4th to Labor Day, September 6th, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. We are always very happy to open the Museum by special appointment. Please call us.

Once again we will be asking for your help to host the Museum hours. We will be having our Orientation and Volunteer Appreciation Day in June. Please consider the time you have available to help us, and come with specific dates in mind.

Our Barn Loom will be in use once again this year, featuring place mats for sale in the Gift Shop. The shop also sells items crafts and donated by the Society's members as well and member's craft items accepted on a consignment basis. Please keep the Shop in mind for that special gift.

We are always on the ``look out'' for people to set up displays and to be committee members. Call us if you are interested.

Thanks to all the people who worked on the building this year. We have new siding, shutters, 2 new windows, trim and wall finishing. Also, new glass shelves in the display cases, a all and door at the foot of the basement stairs, stain on the ramp and green paint on the outside door.

Mary Krygeris, for the Museum Committee

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A True Story

A large brass key belonging to the wooden lock that has been on the town hall door for more than 100 years, about two years ago was supposed to have been lost and consequently a wooden lock with three small keys was installed. Last fall a man while fishing in deep water for black bass in Millen Lake, pulled in a large key on his hook which he took home and hung up in his kitchen, little thinking his catch was of any worth. Recently a neighbor seeing the key said, ``that looks like the old town hall key that was lost,'' and upon investigation was found to be the identical thing. The antique lock will again be placed on the door and we trust this same key will be able to unlock it for at least another century.

Reprinted in this newsletter from ``Portrait of a Hill Town''
by Ron and Grace Jager
. The Argus-Champion, March 24, 1927.

Did you Know?

Over the years, towns people have observed over 30 different species of animals in Washington. How many can you name. Answer is elsewhere in this newsletter.

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animal border

WASHINGTON ANIMALS. How many did you name?

``Portrait of a Hill Town''
Washington, NH 1876 - 1976
By Ron and Grace Jager

Beaver Elk Moose Snowshoe Hare
Big Brown Bat Fisher Muskrat Star-nosed Mole
Black Bear Flying Squirrel Otter Striped Skunk
Bobcat Gray Squirrel Porcupine Weasel
Chipmunk Hairy-tailed Mole Raccoon White-footed Mouse
Coyote Little Brown Bat Red Fox White-tailed Deer
Deer Mouse Meadow Vole Red Squirrel Woodchuck
Easter Cottontail Mink Shrew
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